Jeffrey Hollender on Toyota

13782289-566x849The Toyota Corolla, a highly popular car in the U.S. (Jupiter Images photo)

I’m into corporate responsibility in case you haven’t noticed. (I was recently approached by someone wanting me to join a pyramid scheme. It was so laughable I wrote a satire piece about it. I’ll let you know when it’s published.)

One of the biggest proponents of this is Jeffrey Hollender, the CEO of the cleaning-products company Seventh Generation.

I looked into his recent blog posts because I noticed something about Toyota’s CEO in the Seventh Generation newsletter. Hollender, referencing a New York Times article, said it’s about time leaders of a corporation really owned up to their mistakes instead of denying blatant facts and blameshifting, like GM often does. (Ever seen Who Killed the Electric Car? It’s free at that link.)

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