Wind farm stories

thomas.merton wind farm

It occurs to me I never linked to two stories I wrote about possible wind farms in Clinton County. My friends who head up the local green energy/green jobs advocacy group would be appalled.

Here’s the first, about the drive to get people interested in a possible wind farm.

Here’s the second, about the very well-attended interest-gauging meeting. Sorry about the PDF, I couldn’t find it online.

Local orgs pay for laid-off worker health care

The quasi-public hospital in Wilmington is picking up the brunt of the cost to care for the health of laid-off air park workers — soon to be, possibly, all 8-10,000 of them.

The other part of the funding came from DHL itself via the Clinton County Foundation, itself a 501c3 staffed by prominent public figures.

I wrote the story about this tonight.

I spent several hours scouring a grant application and crunching the numbers within. I found something mildly fishy with the application — that the local hospital minimized the cost it was actually going to incur with the plan it proposed. Not my place to decide whether or not it was intentional. But I certainly reported it.