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Is the familiar old HTTP on the way out?

Hyper Text Transfer Protocol, the mode of communication that has propelled the “information age” to infect every sector of life in developed nations, has served us well. But leave it to Google to propose its replacement.

No telling whether the company’s idea will actually take hold; these kinds of things are more of a public project than a private endeavor.

Best of Twitter 3: My thoughts (non-green)

Flickr CC photo from ajgelado.

Flickr CC photo from ajgelado.

Google’s advanced search: limit the domain and the file type, and find every spreadsheet an org has posted to the net. 12:03 PM Mar 7th

$10,000: The usual DAILY fine, legally-mandated, for a nonprofit withholding its IRS-990 tax form from a reporter. 12:06 PM Mar 7th

Just about every city pays a flat fee per street light per year for electricity, whether 100% or 60% of them are working. Good story idea. 5:40 PM Mar 7th

Im a connoisseur of columns; today’s on hating fireworks may be my fav, ever. Agree or not, do yourself the favor: Jul 2nd