Best of Twitter 3: My thoughts (non-green)

Flickr CC photo from ajgelado.

Flickr CC photo from ajgelado.

Google’s advanced search: limit the domain and the file type, and find every spreadsheet an org has posted to the net. 12:03 PM Mar 7th

$10,000: The usual DAILY fine, legally-mandated, for a nonprofit withholding its IRS-990 tax form from a reporter. 12:06 PM Mar 7th

Just about every city pays a flat fee per street light per year for electricity, whether 100% or 60% of them are working. Good story idea. 5:40 PM Mar 7th

Im a connoisseur of columns; today’s on hating fireworks may be my fav, ever. Agree or not, do yourself the favor: Jul 2nd