Best of Twitter series 1: Personal

Flicker CC image from Muffet

Flicker CC image from Muffet

I tweet a lot more than I write on here, and I hate to leave you as-yet-Twitter-shunners hanging. So much that I share in Twitter might be useful to you, and I can’t stand that you’ll never see it. The Twitter broadcast on the left sidebar is only so useful, because inevitably you miss 80-90 percent of my tweets.

Thus my idea: I’ll split the best of my (currently 202) Twitter updates into a couple/few groups, and I’ll post them here en masse.

It’ll be jumpy reading, but journalism is doing weird things these days. See, that recently won a Pulitzer. Or this Motherjones article about the future of journalism — itself written in a semi-futuristic journalism form, no doubt influenced by Twitter itself. My last story about funding charity healthcare had a longish sidebar done entirely in bullets. I didn’t do it that well, but it was good practice for later.

I’ll publish one section a day. The sections will include:

  • 1. Personal
  • 2. Links to others’ (non-green) stuff
  • 3. My (non-green) thoughts
  • 4. My own green thoughts
  • 5. Links to others’ green stuff

Section five will have to be broken up into two days, since it’s so long. I guess that has primarily been my niche over the past 6 months. Here’s the first section today.


Curry’s wonderful. Just ate Kashi Moroccan Curry 7 whole grain pilaf: “Moroccan coconut curry with currants, lentils and a hint of ginger.” 12:24 PM Feb 19th is genius. It seems like the healthiest, tastiest recipes end up on here… And the author goes fresh and local as a rule. 12:15 PM Feb 26th

My wife got hit on today – “You’re married, huh?” he said. “Yeah,” was her reply. “That sucks,” he said. 1:00 AM Mar 21st

So the student newspaper at my college just got shut down by its publisher, the college. I will be a part of the underground replacement. 8:25 PM Apr 14th

RT @thechristin sick days. way more fun 10 years ago. 8:27 PM Apr 14th

One percent milk is genius. Skim and two percent are grossly inadequate. 11:36 PM Apr 28th