xkcd faves

Long live the nerd! Computer engineers played by actors fawn over Ajay Bhatt, co-inventor of USB, in this hilarious commercial for Intel.

T-minus 18 days until school starts again. Man, I need a job. Otherwise I spend all day, as I have the past few, reading. Thoreau usually tops my list, but this time it’s been shorter bursts of stuff like Orion magazine (cover to cover, of course).

What’s that, you say? Certainly Orion hasn’t taken up the 30 hours of free time I’ve had in the past five days? You’re right. I have a new obsession. (Journalists get paid to develop short-term obsessions and then tell everyone else about how cool this thing is. I love my career path.)

Last month it was underground dinners. This month I think I’ve fallen into the world of nerdiness. Enter xkcd.

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