The List

The band Hellogoodbye—the apparent winner of my months-long Pandora search for new favorite bands—poses to support Oxfam America. (Creative Commons-licensed photo from the Flickr page of Oxfam America)

When I discovered Pandora my life changed forever. From that point on, I’ve come to realize, there’s a backlog of wicked music which I want but don’t yet have.

Enter my list. I’ve pasted it below and cleaned it up for your consumption. It’s all the songs and albums I want but—most of which—I don’t yet have. (Even though I’ve obtained a few of these, I’ve left them all on here, just for your edification.) Most of them are single songs, reflecting the trend of today, which seems to be purchasing songs rather than albums. Not that I don’t like albums. Just that Pandora doesn’t play albums. It’s shaping our music habits more than we realize.

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