Blog stats

A graph of traffic to this site by month, starting in April 2009. I switched domains from to in late October, which seems to have helped marginally. The monthly peak was November, with 456 hits.

Was reviewing the statistics on this site today, and thought I’d quickly share my findings with you.

  • While “smokestacks” is the search term that’s brought the most viewers to my site, “springerlies” is a close second. Who would have thought I’d have the number four Google spot for the name of the cookie my grandmother makes? (I wrote them into a menu of mine.)
  • My theory that this domain would launch me out of the sea of other Brandon Smiths (all likely great guys, of course) has been proven correct in a couple ways. Yesterday’s post featured a woman who found me more or less by accident. And if you Google “Brandon Smith Chicago” (with or without the quotes) you find my ChicagoNow profile and two links to this website in the top 10.