The List

The band Hellogoodbye—the apparent winner of my months-long Pandora search for new favorite bands—poses to support Oxfam America. (Creative Commons-licensed photo from the Flickr page of Oxfam America)

When I discovered Pandora my life changed forever. From that point on, I’ve come to realize, there’s a backlog of wicked music which I want but don’t yet have.

Enter my list. I’ve pasted it below and cleaned it up for your consumption. It’s all the songs and albums I want but—most of which—I don’t yet have. (Even though I’ve obtained a few of these, I’ve left them all on here, just for your edification.) Most of them are single songs, reflecting the trend of today, which seems to be purchasing songs rather than albums. Not that I don’t like albums. Just that Pandora doesn’t play albums. It’s shaping our music habits more than we realize.

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Happy Earth Day!

Today I went out to plant trees with some other eco-minded students, but our coordinator had heard weather authorities call for frost round these parts. So we picked up trash instead.

I wish I had remembered to stuff my camera in my back pocket. Had I done that I would have had some pictures for you. (Note to self: remember you have a blog again.)

So I’m trying to solidify what I’m doing this summer. While the News Journal is deciding whether or not it has the money to support a paid intern again, I’ve been creating a list of other potential employers. I don’t have much time. (I’m available for work Monday, May 4, by the way.)

Yet while I really loved working at the News Journal, and in fact I still do in a small capacity, it could be very good to have experience doing something different.

Increasingly I find myself gravitating toward the concept of respecting/caring for the environment. I’m glad to say that that leaves me plenty of options: from working on an organic farm to developing marketing for an eco-friendly company. From landing a writing gig at a national “green” blog to consulting with local restaurants as to how they can source local and organic food — and advertise their efforts. From another local reporting internship (occasionally covering pollution, no doubt) to freelancing for niche magazines… as you can see my options are wide open.

You may be thinking, “What a dreamer. He must be one of those ‘I want to be a game show host and own a sports franchise’ type of guys.” I don’t blame you. But my situation is this: I’m married and my wife works in Beavercreek. And I want to finish my degree at Cedarville U., which starts again in August. (Note: That doesn’t mean I have to stop working an internship at that time.) It means I have to remain in this geographic area. That plus the relative scarcity of jobs in this economy, plus the additional limiter of “social/eco responsibility” really puts a squeeze on my options. So aside from those things, my rule is this:

Any position in which I can use my talents to help my employer is a position I want.

Originally I had sought an internship at WYSO, (“public radio for the Miami Valley”). They’re just about the only station I listen to around here. Emily McCord, their news reporter, liked my stuff and seemed to decide I should join them. But they got a new station manager. While she’s been very kind, she tells me she doesn’t have the time to put together an internship program right now. Said she’d phone when she does.

Niki Dakota, their music director, tells me they have “like no money.” Maybe that’s the biggest problem.