The College Sustainability Report Card

As you have been reading the past few days, I’ve been making suggestions specific to our school. They’ve stemmed merely from my eco-research over the years intersecting with life at this school. But today I found a rather objective treatment of college eco-valuation.

The College Sustainability Report Card rates the 300 schools in the U.S. and Canada with the largest endowments, so Cedarville is not included.

But I’ll be looking at their criteria to get ideas for our up-and-coming environmental organization. I’m the VP of this group, and we’re hoping to hash everything out over the summer to ensure a functioning organization this fall. The president, Allison McClain, is doing marine biology with the Smithsonian Institution in Maryland this summer. I haven’t figured out what I’ll be doing (I know, it’s a week away, right?) but whatever it is, I’ll be writing as usual. Maybe I’ll work as a farmhand on an organic vegetable farm.

I think that’s the most interesting thing about this new environmental org — we pull in people from all disciplines. Out of our current group of officers, we have at least the following areas of study represented, maybe more: literature, biological sciences, communication/journalism, philosophy, law, international affairs, business, environmental studies.

I’m holding out for a studio art gal or a piano performance guy.

Stay tuned for daily “CU/Green” updates! I plan to present the ideas to our University President when they’re all finished. Why do they appear daily rather than all at once? Because after a couple weeks of you reading this site regularly, it becomes a habit. Muahaha! No seriously, I study Communication, and I know for a fact that people tend not to read blog posts longer than a few hundred words. So I’m out at 287.

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