Best of Twitter 6: Links to others’ green stuff part II

Flickr CC photo from bestfor / richard.

Flickr CC photo from bestfor / richard.

RT @Greenmoms In bad economies businesses need work and people need services, but both are short. Enter bartering. 12:36 PM Apr 14th

If we could suffice with 1948 levels of consumerism, 40hr workweeks could be 13.5hrs. Fascinating. @Orion_Magazine 1:21 PM Apr 14th

And is your college ranked on A thoroughly researched project, it would seem our school would fail, like most. 8:53 PM Apr 29th

RT @greenbiztweets Tricks of the Trade for Landing Green Jobs 5:04 PM Apr 30th

It’s all but proven: antibiotics/factory farming is the direct cause of swine flu (and bird flu, really): 1:06 AM May 2nd

RT @thegoodhuman EPA identified 44 “high hazard” coal-ash piles across the US but isn’t releasing where they are 2:12 AM Jun 16th

RT @thegoodhuman: New blog post: The Top 100 Corporate Polluters In The United States. 10:11 AM Jun 16th

My anti-consumer mentality prompts me to shun the new iPhone, but makes me want it. Heard of GoodGuide? 12:48 PM Jun 16th

Is your beloved hometown company really a dirty polluting scumbag? Find out with a ranking of companies: 10:51 PM Jun 20th

RT @Orion_Magazine Wireless technology harmful to health I’m skeptical but open to the possibility .12:40 PM Jul 1st

This NYTimes article did a good job explaining electromag dangers. I love Aptera so I sent it to ’em: “Solutions?” 12:46 PM Jul 1st just signed up. It’s cyclists volunteerin to host each other @ home 4 free. Showers & beds/yards 4 camping go a long way. Jul 2nd

I hear sometimes beer and dinner are involved. If everyone were this hospitable, the world would be an entirely different place @warmshowers Jul 2nd

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