Busy, busy, busy

One reason I haven’t updated this in a while is that I’ve been busy… looking for an apartment in Chicago (the city I’ll call home for at least two years to come), looking for a job in Chicago, visiting a friend who was recently diagnosed with Leukemia, and getting classes and financial aid squared away at Columbia College Chicago.

I’ll be in the journalism program called Reporting on Science, Health and the Environment, and I’ll have a minor in Magazine Writing and Editing. The science-writing program is headed by Jeff Lyon, a Pulitzer Prize winner. Also a really great guy.

The other reason I lag is that I haven’t been writing stories about very in-depth topics. And I don’t like showcasing daily grind work, as important as that is for news organizations. If you want evidence I’m reliable on a daily basis, talk to my editor.

I might, however, pass on one link, to a cold case murder story I helped cover one day. Who knows why my byline isn’t there. It’s all me. It had top-story placement the next morning.

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