Random stuff

Here’s all the stuff from the past several weeks that hasn’t warranted a stand-alone post.

Does anyone else like the new Levi’s commercials as much as I do? The one that uses Walt Whitman’s poem “Pioneers! O Pioneers!”? Here’s the video clip:

I like it for several reasons: first, it uses poetry, and a good poem, at that. What other commercial does that? Second, it fits exactly with what the Levis brand wants to become—it doesn’t forsake its past, but embraces it and updates it. Third, the commercial succeeds visually. It’s artistic, and simply something interesting to watch. Usually commercials have to involve humor to accomplish this, but Levis does it without.

Changing subjects, I’ll paste below the list of albums I’ve downloaded recently. (Pandora is such an amazing new resource for people to be able to find music they like!)

TV On The Radio’s “Dear Science,” Passion Pit’s “Manners,” “Jimmy Rosenberg is Back” (the anomaly of the bunch), Hellogoodbye’s “Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs!,” and Muse’s “Black Holes and Revelations.” Also some Postal Service B-sides like “Be Still My Heart,” The Shins’ cover of “We Will Become Silhouettes,” and the John Tejada remix of “Such Great Heights.”

Plug for a friend: Here’s the blog of a Columbus, Ohio journalist who used to be somewhat of a church-buddy of mine growing up. She just had a baby. It’s so weird to learn intimate details of what that’s like, coming from, essentially, a peer. Guess that’s what you’ll get from a blog called “The Teet.”

I’ll end with two random Facebook updates of mine over the past week. The first is what it is; the second is a haiku I composed in the wake-up shower following an all-nighter.

(Brandon Smith) “completed his transformation into Napoleon Dynamite today when he stuffed french fries into a crevice in his satchel bag.”

“are they still called two

days if procrastination

steals the night between?”

3 thoughts on “Random stuff

  1. Wow, John. Have you been following me since I worked in Wilmington? Your site is on my list now. What did you think of the second 60 Minutes spot? And good luck in Journalism. I’d wish myself that but I hear it’s rude.

  2. Yeah I’ve RSSed your blog for a few months now. We young journalists need to stick together, so I try to read as many blogs as possible by authors within my age group.

    And I did see the 60 minutes piece. They included a two second snippet of our organization at our potato harvest this Summer. Overall, I wasn’t very pleased with their story; it was the same, tired thread that’s been told time and again. And the same weekend, the Cincinnati Enquirer ran back to back front page stories on Saturday and Sunday about the plight here, and not one mention of the proactive things happening.

    In any event, Wilmington has received another wave of outpouring from around the country following the piece. Mark and Taylor got $500 bucks within five minutes of its airing. It’s a bit bittersweet, really.

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