Examples of work

I had mentioned I worked for an underground dining operation. Here are some examples of dishes for which I served as prep cook and/or line cook. All photos by Lorenzo Tassone.

Gunthorp duck breast in a vanilla-ponzu marinade, duck heart and celeriac puree, duck cracklin’, jus, cherry sauce (continued after the break)

Cobia—Creole dry rub, pearl barley, etoufee, sprouts

The first course of a “whole pig” dinner featuring courses from various parts of a pig we butchered. Here, a grilled oyster was topped with a quail egg, chorizo scrapple (face-meat sausage), and a bit our own barbecue sauce. Radish and scallion.

Another selection from the whole-pig dinner, a soup of homemade noodles and pork stock, topped with tender pork loin and tart, pickled ramps and radishes.

Crab ravioli with oyster mushroom consomme

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