Deconstructing a bill: on the education beat

Allie Conley, a high school student at Emmanuel Christian Academy, qualified for the Ed Choice program, getting what is sometimes called a private school voucher. If HB 136 is signed into law, Ohio’s voucher system stands to grow significantly larger. Photo by Marshall Gorby, used courtesy of the Springfield News-Sun.

I was an education reporter this week, covering the bill that Republican governor John Kasich is hoping will change the education system in the state — that is, make it smaller. Possibly by leaps and bounds.

My story ferreted out a portion of the bill that allows for infinite expansion of the voucher system, albeit at a rate of growth of 25 percent per year. The only cap is when all state funding of local schools is gone.

Naturally, this would be a big blow to public schools. And I report their adamant opposition. But I would have liked to dive a little deeper and try to find out what would happen to the state’s public education system should the bill go into effect.

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