Home explosion leaves bloodbath in its wake

Two men digging for a water line Saturday afternoon struck a gas line and blew up a house in Fairborn. This was what was left of the duplex they were working on. Photo by Brandon Smith-Hebson.

MONDAY A.M. UPDATE: A 75-year-old man was found dead in the rubble on Sunday. It was my day off, so a colleague reported it. Since his story is the most complete version of events at the scene, his story has replaced mine online. Officials said five others injured will probably be OK.

This was the biggest breaking news I’ve ever reported. I was drafted by the Dayton Daily News for the job, because I could get there faster than their reporters could. I continually called in updates, e-mailed quotes, and sent photos from my phone, into the night.

My story was the lead on page A1 of today’s (Sunday) Dayton Daily, and an inside version was the Local centerpiece.

My first sight on the scene was this. I quickly snapped a picture in fear someone would move it from its place on a nearby sidewalk. Blood spatters stained the sidewalk for a full block in one direction from the explosion.

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