The cadillacs of bike accessories

I’m writing this as much to record my wish list as to tell you about it.

Kickstarter helped fund two of these three outrageous-cool bike accessories. From left to right, the Blink Steady rear light; the TiGr titanium lock; the Hövding helmet-as-airbag, which, unless you’re in an accident, looks like a punk scarf.

The light’s all the rage because it eliminates human interaction with it. No more switching modes, turning on and off, or even removing it from your bike to prevent theft. If only they incorporated solar charging; maybe that’s too much to ask. With fundraising successful, the question isn’t if but when they’ll release a front light.

The titanium lock sparked a do’h moment: why hasn’t anyone thought of this before? Stronger than a U-lock and one-third the weight. Not to mention that I carry two U-locks—to protect both wheels—for the job that a single TiGr unit does. Sign me up.

While the airbag-helmet ($600) and lock ($200) are for sale now, the light will be available soon. Pre-orders cost $125.

I can’t see myself spending $600 for a slightly more pleasurable ride… but $125 to save a couple minutes every day? Sure. And $200 to shave nearly a dozen pounds? It’s so worth it.

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