New “resume reel”

Even though it’s on the newly-revamped About the Author page in the right sidebar, I couldn’t help but post this front and center. It’s just so pretty. A big thanks to Steve and Badryyah for their years of hard work and their several months with me. I’ll never forget it.

Merry Christmas!

Take extra time and expend extra effort to hug your family or friends this fine day.

Loving other people is, supposedly, what today is about. I think the Jesus who does simply that (but not weakly, that) gets lost in the shuffle.

Here’s a poem by Russel Jaffe, who got a Poetry MFA from Columbia in 2008. It was included in our president’s creepy-cool holiday card to us.

Personal destination

This year, be generous
by cyclical, land gently,
Soar this time as yourself,
let winter lights bend around your trail