CU/Green on transporation

CU/Green: Things Cedarville University should consider doing in order to be good stewards of the Earth.

Flickr photo from Burning Image. CC.

Flickr photo from Burning Image. CC.

Transportation and travel

  • Partner with the village municipality to develop more options for shopping here locally, so everyone won’t have to constantly go to Xenia and Fairfield Commons.
  • Open a university bicycle shop so that biking around the campus, around the village, and for recreation is a viable option without you becoming a mechanic. Some colleges even give away bikes to any student who opts to not bring a car that year.
  • Of course, shopping elsewhere is probably inevitable. Provide a bus to go to Xenia stores one day a week, and a mall another evening of the week, so we don’t have 50-100 cars doing the same.
  • Someone (maybe student government?) should sponsor a hypermiling club that teaches driving techniques that conserve gasoline. This would be for anyone in the community who wants to learn. Learn about the concept at and Some people have more than doubled their fuel economy this way, and it requires no massive initial investment, such as hybrid cars do. Those who want to be certified to drive CU’s vehicles should take a short hypermiling class.

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