CU/Green on food

CU/Green: Things Cedarville University should consider doing in order to be good stewards of the Earth.

Flickr photo from Andew Stawarz. CC.

Flickr photo from Andew Stawarz. CC.


  • To start, Chuck’s (our cafeteria) should buy food from local farms. There’s Orion Organics in Yellow Springs, but they’re probably not big enough to serve all our needs. Eventually we could start our own farm for our own food, on which we can use our own compost.
  • Get all the professors together who teach the Ethics class and have them come up with the University’s policy on obtaining meat and other animal products for the cafeteria. You’d be surprised at what they would restrict. It would probably be required that we go with organic and “free-range.”
  • Discourage bottled water. Encourage Nalgene/Sigg bottles and, if one doesn’t like the taste of tap water, that water bottle that has a filter built in.
  • For trips to the grocery store (or any store), we should bring our own bags… And nothing would be a better investment from the Marketing department than giving everyone a set of canvas shopping bags (maybe 10-15) with the CU logo stamped on it. It’s awesome promotion… and if we have a special logo for CU/Green, that would let people know what the bags are about. Many bags have corny messages on them, so something like “I want to…. CU/Green” would be appropriate.

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