Best of Twitter 2: Links to others’ non-green stuff

Flicker CC photo from respres.

Flicker CC photo from respres. is genius. It seems like the healthiest, tastiest recipes end up on here… And the author goes fresh and local as a rule. 12:15 PM Feb 26th

Sandwich: Emmentaler and white cheddar, cucumber, red onion, sprouts, sunflower seeds, homemade slaw and mayo on whole wheat. 10:06 PM Feb 28th

Groups now help move homeless people into foreclosed-on empty homes. The new squatting. (NYTimes) Right on, I say! 8:46 PM Apr 9th

A US map of job losses by county — at its worst recently. No wonder I can’t find a writing job. @guynameddave 9:59 PM Apr 19th

The world’s worst official acronyms: Learn about RINGO, BINGO, BONGO, SOFA, and PIIGS. 12:36 PM May 1st

RT @Digidave Bob Woodward, this Saturday, told journalists he wakes up in the morning and asks himself “what are the bastards hiding?” 1:47 AM Jun 16th

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