A 101 Cookbooks Thankgiving

This is three vegetarian courses, all served family style, all from 101cookbooks.com, one of my all-time favorite websites.

Course one // Thai-spiced pumpkin soup / firecracker cornbread [corn kernels, red pepper flakes]

Course two // Hazelnut and chard ravioli salad [“Plump raviolis tossed with toasted hazelnuts, sauteed ribbons of chard, and caramelized onions … finished off wit ha dusting of cheese, snipped chives and lemon zest.”]

Course three // Vanilla mashed sweet potatoes [vanilla beans and organic cream]

(P.S. – this website may be experiencing some down time in the next few days while I switch hosts. I’ll try to minimize the down time; it’ll be better for everyone in the long run.)

Best of Twitter 2: Links to others’ non-green stuff

Flicker CC photo from respres.

Flicker CC photo from respres.

101cookbooks.com is genius. It seems like the healthiest, tastiest recipes end up on here… And the author goes fresh and local as a rule. 12:15 PM Feb 26th

Sandwich: Emmentaler and white cheddar, cucumber, red onion, sprouts, sunflower seeds, homemade slaw and mayo on whole wheat. windscafe.com 10:06 PM Feb 28th

Groups now help move homeless people into foreclosed-on empty homes. The new squatting. (NYTimes) Right on, I say! http://tinyurl.com/cgwdpn 8:46 PM Apr 9th

A US map of job losses by county — at its worst recently. http://tinyurl.com/c2hbfs No wonder I can’t find a writing job. @guynameddave 9:59 PM Apr 19th

The world’s worst official acronyms: http://tinyurl.com/cmpt4b Learn about RINGO, BINGO, BONGO, SOFA, and PIIGS. 12:36 PM May 1st

RT @Digidave Bob Woodward, this Saturday, told journalists he wakes up in the morning and asks himself “what are the bastards hiding?” 1:47 AM Jun 16th

Best of Twitter series 1: Personal

Flicker CC image from Muffet

Flicker CC image from Muffet

I tweet a lot more than I write on here, and I hate to leave you as-yet-Twitter-shunners hanging. So much that I share in Twitter might be useful to you, and I can’t stand that you’ll never see it. The Twitter broadcast on the left sidebar is only so useful, because inevitably you miss 80-90 percent of my tweets.

Thus my idea: I’ll split the best of my (currently 202) Twitter updates into a couple/few groups, and I’ll post them here en masse.

It’ll be jumpy reading, but journalism is doing weird things these days. See Politifact.com, that recently won a Pulitzer. Or this Motherjones article about the future of journalism — itself written in a semi-futuristic journalism form, no doubt influenced by Twitter itself. My last story about funding charity healthcare had a longish sidebar done entirely in bullets. I didn’t do it that well, but it was good practice for later.

I’ll publish one section a day. The sections will include:

  • 1. Personal
  • 2. Links to others’ (non-green) stuff
  • 3. My (non-green) thoughts
  • 4. My own green thoughts
  • 5. Links to others’ green stuff

Section five will have to be broken up into two days, since it’s so long. I guess that has primarily been my niche over the past 6 months. Here’s the first section today.


Curry’s wonderful. Just ate Kashi Moroccan Curry 7 whole grain pilaf: “Moroccan coconut curry with currants, lentils and a hint of ginger.” 12:24 PM Feb 19th

101cookbooks.com is genius. It seems like the healthiest, tastiest recipes end up on here… And the author goes fresh and local as a rule. 12:15 PM Feb 26th

My wife got hit on today – “You’re married, huh?” he said. “Yeah,” was her reply. “That sucks,” he said. 1:00 AM Mar 21st

So the student newspaper at my college just got shut down by its publisher, the college. I will be a part of the underground replacement. 8:25 PM Apr 14th

RT @thechristin sick days. way more fun 10 years ago. 8:27 PM Apr 14th

One percent milk is genius. Skim and two percent are grossly inadequate. 11:36 PM Apr 28th