Mercury poisoning saga

Joel Hogue tests mercury vapor in bags containing clothes removed from the Moore family home. Some bags tested around 100 times the limit considered safe. Photo by Barbara J. Perenic, courtesy of the Springfield-News Sun.

Hey everyone. Check out my initial article and followup to the story of the family that had to leave its home because of a mercury spill. They had lived with the toxic vapors their entire 3-month tenancy.

Both articles appeared on A1 below the fold.

It’s a tale of caution: get a professional home inspection before you buy an older home, and before you rent one, take a close look for any mercury-containing devices.

I would also ask about any old engineering-type components that have been removed from the home in recent years, and ask to talk to previous tenants to see if they had any health problems while living there.

Update: Here’s the third story in the saga: Thieves looted the house while it was vacant, stealing all the major appliances, including the mercury-tainted washer and dryer. Beware what used machines you buy.

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