Sandy’s landfall

Thrill-seeking spectators at the waterfront, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, as Sandy reached shore. Creative Commons-licensed photo from

Tonight I spent a couple hours catching up on Twitter journalism and trying to spread some helpful facts to people who might need them. My feed, which I’ve posted below, was solely dedicated to the hurricane havoc.

For analysis’ sake I’ve left the time codes. (For instance “2h” means the tweet was uttered two hours before I exported the feed to post here.) From this I learned my tweets started in the mid-9 p.m. hour CST, continued to the mid-11 p.m. hour, and apparently peaked around the middle of that span, at around 18 tweets-per-hour.

Bill McKibben ‏@billmckibben (Retweet) Oh, thank heavens: NYSE floor not flooded, says spokesman. We’ll be able to get back to trading EOM and CVX and BP in no time 2h

Clayton Cubitt ‏@claytoncubitt (Retweet) Televised news is like a tape delay of Twitter 30 minutes ago. 2h

Jon Passantino ‏@passantino (Retweet) Wow: Floodwaters inundate Ground Zero construction site in NYC (via AP) 2h

Brandon Smith ‏@foochebag “Storm surge in NYC is slightly higher than the highest estimates, said Mayor Bloomberg.” (from @WSJ) Subway flooding ALONE was est @ $50B. 2h

Editor’s note: What I meant was, estimates from a couple days ago predicted that if NYC subways were to flood, damages might be in the neighborhood of $50 billion. (As of Tuesday morning, some have put rough TOTAL damages in the neighborhood of $45B.)

Brandon Smith ‏@foochebag @DaveStroup @thegoodhuman I get the sense the rumor got a lot of traction b/c people wanted to see the empty NYSE destroyed. 1h

Michael Halston ‏@mikehalston (Retweet) RT @435digital: Twitter is so far out in front of the television news it’s not even funny. And seems to be even more accurate. 1h

Anonymous ‏@YourAnonNews (Retweet) Why [aren’t] the #nuclear plants located along the US east coast and the potential for danger getting any attention? #Sandy 1h

Brandon Smith ‏@foochebag @MathildePiard Right NOW is when Cox needs people on social media. It’s the place to be the past 2hrs and very few properties are. 1h

Josh Stearns ‏@jcstearns (Retweet) Reuters reports 19 workers trapped in Con Ed station:  Terrifying video of station explosion … #Sandy 1h

joemfbrown ‏@joemfbrown (Retweet) Staten Island is apparently in real trouble. Friends there reporting trapped families, destroyed homes, and zero 1st responders. 1h

Brandon Smith ‏@foochebag @choosler Scanner traffic indicates no first responders can get to Coney Island, but where’d you hear its hospital was on fire? 1h

Seth Mnookin ‏@sethmnookin (Retweet) This should be an issue this week. “@TheAtlantic: Mitt Romney in 2011: ‘We cannot afford’ federal disaster relief ” 1h

Brandon Smith ‏@foochebag Pretty sure Romney has said he would dismantle FEMA. 1h

amandabee ‏@amandabee (Retweet) Confidential to Mayor Bloomberg … A whole lot of NYC is east of the East River. #ahem 1h

Brandon Smith ‏@foochebag I re-tweeted that last one primarily because of the near-perfect use of a hashtag. #lolz 1h

Josh Stearns ‏@jcstearns (Retweet) Appreciating the cool heads in my Twitter feed, taking it slow, verifying then RTing, adding context and compassion to updates.#Sandy 1h

Brandon Smith ‏@foochebag Sounds like an eyewitness?? @MitchNYM: I’m just a few blocks from Coney Island Hospital & the whole place is on fire & no one can help them. 1h

Brandon Smith ‏@foochebag Post-Intelligencer reporting Oyster Creek reactor in danger; Mother Jones reporting Indian Point threatened. 1h

adam aston ‏@adamanyc (Retweet) RT @FDNY: #FDNY units are on scene at Coney Island Hospital. No confirmed fire or reports of injuries at this time. 1h

Brandon Smith ‏@foochebag Yup, looks I RT’d bullshit a few minutes ago, and I’m profoundly sorry. But at least some responders checked into it. 1h

Brandon Smith ‏@foochebag But then, so did Reuters. (Publish bull–) For the past hour, it’s supposedly-verified witness was reporting trapped ConEd workers, which ConEd now refutes. 1h

(Editor’s note: I realize after tweeting that that it’s bad logic. If everyone was jumping off bridges…)

Unrevealed ‏@PrinceofRazors (Retweet) Some types of ‘bad info’ trigger freaked out reactions on the public’s part and/or create additional pressure for responders. 1h

Devlin Barrett ‏@DevlinBarrett (Retweet) Also. tweeting stuff from the scanner is NUTS. Because the scanner is not real, it’s calls, and sometimes not even that. 52m

Brandon Smith ‏@foochebag Previous: good journo tips by an Australian info/privacy activist… 56m

Brandon Smith ‏@foochebag Some have said that it’s “time to replace the ‘reporter braving the storm’ shot with an instagram feed + dramatic voiceover work.” Discuss. 42m

Brandon Smith ‏@foochebag “Happens handful of times every year in US,” @NYTMetro speaking about nuclear plant on alert. Context: why we pay them the big bucks. 13m

Brandon Smith ‏@foochebag Twitter seems to be winding down, which I hope is a good thing for the people on the East Coast. For Monday evening anyway, I’m signing out. 11m

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