Ate at Green Zebra tonight.


A meal of spectacular mushy peas by colleagues at Pleasant House Bakery; sour “feral” orange; and bran-flecked sourdough from Peerless Bread And Jam. Combo and cameraphone photo by yours truly.

The Green Zebra meal was pretty great. It wasn’t all perfect, but now that I’m in the industry, I think I’m going to stop calling out chefs publicly on any less-than-stellar products. If I were a chef, I’d rather someone give me suggestions one-on-one. So that’s what I’ll do for now.

The name of my Twitter feed has changed to reflect my change in philosophy. Instead of posing as a facetious resto snob, I’ll be a journalist hack who sometimes talks about food. Find me at

For the record, my favorite dishes at Green Zebra were the barley “risotto,” the mushroom pate, and a sour cherry dessert. And an orange cream soda.

Oh yes — I work in the restaurant industry. I can definitively say that now. Before, sure, I worked at the late City Provisions. (May it rest in peace.) But I wasn’t really planning for an “industry career.”

Now I can say I’m in it. Like, in it all the way. I work in the kitchen and dining room at Pleasant House Bakery—your friendly neighborhood savory pie and British food emporium. And mid-week I train as an expediter at Ruxbin Kitchen.

I need to continue the journalism life. By now, after five years, it’s in my blood. But while some ink-bloods I know mope waiting for the editors to come a-calling, I’ve found something I love. And I’m gonna fucking do it.

Postscript: Isn’t it silly to have such a golden domain name and not milk it for what it’s worth? I think I’m gonna dump a lot of ideas here in the near future. I’ve been acting like a businessman, keeping my cards near my chest. But who cares if someone takes ’em. I’ve come to think it’s all about the implementation.

Which means if I’ve given you ideas in the recent past and you’ve sat on them, you’d best get a move on.

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