Radio kit

Radio kitI’m slowly building a radio reporting kit. Now just to train on some editing software. Any Hindenburg coaches out there?

Yes, I work five shifts a week at Ruxbin Kitchen and one at Pleasant House Bakery. What’s one more shift of journalism, on my own terms? Or a couple more half days, for that matter?

My evil plan of investigator-by-day, restaurateur-by-night progresses.

Today it’s in the form of new gear to fill out that weathered Domke bag: a Tascam  DR-40 and a Rode NTG-2 with a furry windscreen.

Which means when I show up on your suburban doorstep and ask why you pushed that product into the marketplace despite knowing its health hazards, your response will come in loud and clear.

So will interviews of cooks, on- and off-the-record. And of dudes guiding rafts through whitewater. And Warmshowers folks hosting us.

I love Warmshowers nearly as much as I love telling stories.

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