One’s work and one’s art

I definitely need art in my life to thrive. And I need non-art work, too. This is nothing new for anyone, I suspect. But I’m happy to be at the point where my weekend pursuits, in food, are both satisfying work and hella artful.


Three Sisters Lentils, Mint Creek pork shoulder, Genesis squash and onions, Werp greens and edible flowers, at my restaurant, Cellar Door Provisions.

My weekday work too, in journalism and supporting whistleblowers, has both art and toil. But as yet, it’s decidedly less pretty to the eye.


I’ve forgotten what this is exactly, but it seems like buckwheat fusilli, milk-poached garlic, a winter green pesto, root vegetables, pickled onion, raw chard, house paprika, and something shaved… Maybe the rare hard cheese?


Genesis potatoes, shaved parsnip, parsnip butter (made in-house with Kilgus cream), fried Mint Creek egg, Werp greens

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